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ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») representative office in Almaty

Kazakhstan 050051, Almaty, Medeuskiy region, Luganskogo str. 5, office 3

ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») representative office in Almaty

Kazakhstan 050051, Almaty, Medeuskiy region, Luganskogo str. 5, office 3

ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») service centers in Kazakhstan — LLC INTECH SA (ТОО «ИНТЕХ СА»), Almaty. Kazakhstan LLC ENCE GmbH (TOO «ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ»), Almaty, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan 050051, Almaty, Medeuskiy region, Luganskogo str., 5, office 3

Representative office in Almaty

Our cooperation with enterprises in Kazakhstan started in the beginning of 2002.

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ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») representative office in Almaty
Kazakhstan 050051, Almaty, Medeuskiy region, Luganskogo str. 5, office 3
Contact person Mrs. Almagul Izbassarova
Head of the representative office
Telephone +7 (7272) 62-80-42
+7 (7272) 64-40-36
Fax +7 (7272) 62-93-73
ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») service centers in Kazakhstan — LLC INTECH SA (ТОО «ИНТЕХ СА»), Almaty. Kazakhstan LLC ENCE GmbH (TOO «ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ»), Almaty, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan 050051, Almaty, Medeuskiy region, Luganskogo str., 5, office 3
Contact person Mrs. Almagul Izbassarova
General director
Telephone +7 (7272) 64-40-37
+7 (7272) 62-80-42
+7 (7272) 64-40-36
Fax +7 (7272) 62-93-73
Representative office profile

The Company concluded contracts with a number of Kazakhstan enterprises. This was achieved through the Moscow representative office and due to the large experience in plant re-equipment and delivery of spare parts and equipment to Russia.

Due to successful business in Kazakhstan it was decided to found a representative office of ENCE GmbH there.

As a result, in 2003 we established a subsidiary company TOO INTECH SA in Almaty, which acquired its own office in the same year at the following address: Almaty, Medeuskiy Region, 5 Luganskogo St., Office 3

In the same year both the official representative of the company ENCE GmbH in Kazakhstan and TOO ENCE GmbH, a company created for cooperation with Kazakh customers for national currency, were established and located in the same office building. Head Representative: Rustam M. Gilmudinov.

Representative Office of ENCE GmbH in Atyrau was founded in 2006. See this page for details.

At present there are 15 people employed by our Company in Kazakhstan. But taking into account the increasing business field of the Company at Kazakh market, we’re planning to increase the employees' staff up to 25—30 people.

The main idea of the representative structural development and the Company ENCE GmbH functioning is to create additional branch offices and service centers in different parts of Kazakhstan, such as Karaganda, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Pavlodar, Aktubinsk and Gezkazgan.

Specialist task in these branch offices is to realize operational communication with Customer’s technical services in order to carry out service maintenance of the equipment, collect basic engineering data for the inquiries, make deep analysis of the Customer’s requirements specifications, as well as maintain hot link with the purchasing department when working up the spare and component parts lists required for plant uninterrupted operation.

Our company is always willing to expand limits of cooperation with equipment manufacturers and offer equipment maintenance services.

Please send your inquiries and cooperation suggestions to or or use the contact phone/fax numbers of the Representative Office.

Our customers
High Technology Institute

Research activities


Gas and Oil Transportation Institute

Research activities

Oil and gas industry

NIPI KaspiyMunayGas

Oil and gas industry

Research activities

Kazakh Research and Development Institute for Geological Survey

Ore-Dressing Industries

Research activities


Ore-Dressing Industries


PF Embamunaygas

Oil and gas industry

TOO Kazfosfat

Chemicals and petrochemicals

TOO Atyrau NPZ

Oil and gas industry

JSC Ferrokhrom (Akturbo branch)

Chemicals and petrochemicals

AO Euroasiatskaya Energeticheskaya Korporatsiya


Coal opencast colliery Vostochniy

Ore-Dressing Industries

Donskoy GOK

Ore-Dressing Industries

Zhezkazganskiy GOK

Ore-Dressing Industries

The representative offices in Almaty and Atyrau cooperate closely with a number of design institutes, such as NIPI KaspiyMunayGas, Atyrau, Kazakh Research and Development Institute for Geological Survey, Atyrau, Gas and Oil Transportation Institute, Almaty, High Technology Institute, Almaty. Our cooperation with Kazatomprom opens great opportunities: the Company is realizing a variety of projects for the plant.


The main direction of the Company business in Kazakhstan is to carry out engineering projects and deliver processing equipment for plants and factories working in the following fields:

We also make presentations showing the newest equipment and material achievements of our partners which help solving our customers’ urgent problems. Besides, ENCE GmbH specialists arrange customer’s staff trainings as well as their trips to equipment manufacturer facilities or to one of the enterprises already utilizing a certain technique, device or unit.

Our engineering and technical staff is systematically trained to provide installation supervision, commissioning and service support. We are convinced that our branch office TOO INTECH SA is well prepared to help our customers to adjust and maintain equipment we supply not only to Kazakhstan but to any other CIS country.

A complex project of drying gandcalcining uranium peroxide in drum-type furnaces

One of the most perspective is a complex project and the company offers supply not only of furnaces, but complex equipment including dosed loading/unloading of the product. Due to its adherence susceptibility, this product is unhandy in use.

A wide range of refractories

The company offers a wide range of refractories, and the specialists of the company can carry out design calculation of a furnace, select burners, install and start-up furnaces of different types.

The nuclear industry, metallurgy and energy

In the nuclear industry as well as in metallurgy and energy the separate units and auxiliaries as described below are widely used and need upgrading or replacement:

The staff of ENCE GmbH representative in Almaty will help customers select appropriate equipment.

Oil and gas production

ENCE GmbH specialists pay careful attention to oil and gas production in Kazakhstan. In addition the employees of the branch offer the most modern and effective equipment which meets the latest requirements in scientific achievements used in drilling, such as:

The workers of Almaty branch will help select and design the whole package for field oil treatment (OTP) and attendant units including.

Engineering projects

In 2004—2007 employees of the representative office in Kazakhstan in cooperation with engineering departments of ENCE GmbH representative offices in Moscow and Tashkent developed a number of engineering projects that — to the opinion of some specialists from Kazakhstan — are of great industrial importance and contributing to promotion of modern technology and ideas, as well as stimulate industrial progress.

  • modern technology molybdenum ore concentration project of high quality concentrate recovery equal to the best world analogues
  • multiple bed furnace for bulk material calcining in series under different temperature conditions and changing gas medium
  • project of complete replacement of fireclay lining which is not resistant at high temperatures for modern refractory concretes in hydroelectric power station boilers when carrying out modernization and major repairs. This helps to increase the boiler service life up to 15 years without major repairs
  • pumping equipment modernization project and complex replacement of out of date shut-off and control valves at combined heat power plant and hydroelectric power station power plant for modern European compatible units. This new equipment can be integrated into process automatic control system
  • all-round modernization project of outmoded facilities of waste disposal plants and municipal services in big towns of Kazakhstan.
  • project of module automatic plant based on piston-type units used together for reservoir pressure maintenance system with application of high-salt corrosive water with solids preset in it.
  • a variety of oil desalting and dehydration projects with the secondary use of non-oil part.
  • project of modernization and automation of reservoir pressure maintenance system based on application of multi-stage centrifugal pumps units or successive use of high efficiency constructions
  • Supply of automated hydrocyclone unit (including variable speed pump, hydrocyclone battery, shutoff and control valves, and control cabinet) for wet ore grinding process
  • process conditions and project development of dry ore separation introduction into the stage of ore breaking in gold mining
  • project of service life extension of refractory materials used in cement industry furnaces.
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