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ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») representative branch in the Republic of Turkmenistan

Representative branch in the Republic of Turkmenistan

The engineering company ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») has started its business activities in engineering projects as well as in supplying of equipmentfor chemical plants, oil refineries and gas plants, as well as mineral enterprises of its new customers in the Republic of Turkmenistan (Turkmenia) in 2010.

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ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») representative branch in the Republic of Turkmenistan
Contact person Mr. Klychev Eziz Klychevich
The business development manager
Telephone +993 69842400
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The main businesses of the company ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») in the Republic of Turkmenistan (Turkmenia) are supplying of units and equipment packages, modernization of existing equipment in refineries and gas plants, function monitoring and process equipment support services (as of centrifugal and plunger pump units for crude oil and corrosive media, of furnaces, heat-exchange equipment, compressors, shutoff and control valves), as well as supplying of accessories and spare parts for drilling and production equipment.

The engineering company ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») is planning to extend its business presence in the Republic of Turkmenistan (Turkmenia) shortly and is looking for local partner companies that are business experienced with state
oil/gas and petrochemical companies, as well as for private enterprises ready to develop their businesses and to facilitate the product program of the company ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») to industrial enterprises of the Republic of Turkmenistan (Turkmenia), belonging to priority business areas of the company.

The company ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») is open to cooperation relationships with process equipment manufacturers in chemical branch, oil and gas refining, oil and gas production, power production and machine industry, that are interested to develop their business activities in the Republic of Turkmenistan (Turkmenia) and other countries in the Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan) and in the CIS.

The business development manager of the engineering company ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») in the Republic of Turkmenistan (Turkmenia), in charge of new business relationships with customers, of new business partner companies in the region as well as of new local representative agents for the company ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») in the Republic of Turkmenistan (Turkmenia) is Mr. Klychev Eziz Klychevich.

Your price enquiries and your cooperation offers as well as your invitation to co-projects please send to the following company e-mail address — .

Detail information to other representative offices of the company ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») please find on corresponding websites as follows:

Our customers

Our priority customers in the Republic of Turkmenistan (Turkmenia) are:

SC Turkmengas

Oil and gas industry

SC Turkmenneft

Oil and gas industry

Iodine factorie Balkanabat

Chemicals and petrochemicals

Iodine factorie Bereket

Chemicals and petrochemicals

Chemical production plant Khazar

Chemicals and petrochemicals

PO Garabogassulfat

Chemicals and petrochemicals

PO Turkmenmineral

Oil and gas industry

Chemicals and petrochemicals

Burren Resources Petroleum LTD

Oil and gas industry

PO Maryazot

Chemicals and petrochemicals

Production factory Tedzhenkarbamid

Chemicals and petrochemicals

State concern for the construction of oil and gas fields Turkmenneftegasstroy

Oil and gas industry

State corporation Turkmengeologiya

Oil and gas industry

Turkmenbashinsky complex (oil refining plant)

Chemicals and petrochemicals


The engineering company ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») has already handled some pilot projects and on order of the company Burren Resources Petroleum Ltd («Баррен Ресоурсез Петролиум») it have supplied following accessories to the plants in the Republic of Turkmenistan:

Spare parts for motor cars and special vehicles

Assembly units and accessories for drilling equipment

Electrical equipment for drilling units

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