and high-tech

Thermal waste utilization systems (incinerators)

  • Solid waste loading system
    • Feed hopper with shake screen
    • Twin screw
    • Weight hopper
    • Belt conveyor
    • Furnace feed screw
  • Gas feed and distribution system for combustion
  • Rotary furnace with a burner
  • Thermal waste utilization systems (incinerators)
  • Secondary chamber (oxidizer)
  • Dust collector (cyclone)
  • Unloading system
    • Furnace conveyor
    • Cyclone conveyor
    • Discharge hopper
  • Cleaning system
  • Control system

Incinerators application:

  • solid industrial and domestic household wastes
  • liquid wastes
  • hazardous biological wastes
  • oil sludge wastes
  • petrochemical manufacture wastes

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