and high-tech

Press-forging equipment and accessories

Forging machine with 4 hammers for section steel
Open die forging mill

  • Open die forging mill
    • Pressing force 5 MN to 150 MN
    • Modern hydraulic drive
    • Wide range of models
    • Program control in automatic mode
  • Forging manipulators

    • Lifting capacity up to 125 t
    • Reduced quantity of metal
    • Process automation

    Press-forging plants

    • Special-purpose forging presses
    • Wide range of typical constructions
    • Hydraulic drive smooth control
    • Special construction for titanium, aluminum and special alloy forging

    Special presses

    • Piercing
    • Pipe and profile
    • Bending
    • Straightening
    • Universal

    Hydraulic drive

    • Oil or water drive
    • Interaction mechanism — direct or accumulator
    • Automatic control
    • Smooth control
    • Increased reliability

    The employees of ENCE GmbH representative office in the Ukraine together with the head quarters specialists are willing to participate in solving specific tasks for press-forging equipment, incl.:

    • Participation in engineering
    • Solutions for retrofitting and overhauling of the existing equipment
    • Supply of packaged equipment or separate units
    • Retrofitting of the hydraulic end
    • Process modeling and programming
    • Full automation
    • Start-up and commissioning of the complex equipment in automatic power-saving mode

    Retrofit efficiency

    • Considerably improved efficiency
    • Reduced power consumption
    • Reduced quantity of metal
    • Reduced noise level
    • Reduced labor costs during operation
    • Overall max. reduction of operating costs.
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